1. elishajps:

    Zac Efron - Pioneer DJ Summerfest 28.9.14

  2. @jhuanmoretime: Bucket list: Rave with Zac Efron (CHECK!) #ZacEfron #

  3. @hangwiththesupercat: Umm the question is “how am I still alive?” 😭😎 #zacefron #whatishappening #hesocute #shilohfernanzez #cuties @wonderwall_15 @winglover_

  4. @bass_kitty: They were filming a movie were Zac efron was a Dj and he was kissing this girl like 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔 wish I was her but damn he is so fine!!!!! 😻😻😻😏😏😏👌 his eyes are so amazing I was so close to him when they went to the film in the crowd sucks they weren’t letting us take pics 😕 no hashtags cuz I don’t want them to make me delete this video 😂😂😂

  5. @rymndcn: #ZacEfron just running around haha! #Summerfest

  6. Filming We Are Your Friends, Sunday September 28th

  7. zacefronews:

"@IsaacLedz dude Zac Efron in la rn lol"


    "@IsaacLedz dude Zac Efron in la rn lol"

  8. kristyx3519:

    Zac Efron 😏😍🙌 #fangirling #weareyourfriendsmovieshoot #summerfest

@ana_cee: Bruh Zac motherfucking Efron

    @ana_cee: Bruh Zac motherfucking Efron

@HexyMnz: #WeAreYourFriends